360 Circles of Hell!


So my lack of knowledge on the recently released Dante’s Inferno, and the fact that it was recently released, also meant that I had no idea a demo had been available for it for quite some time.
“Don’t waste your time, it’s shit” a mate of mine said.

If listening where a skill, I’d be seriously lacking in that particular area.

So I left my 360 in stand by mode whilst it downloaded, after a while it turned it self off like it was meant to. “Yay!” I thought. On goes the 360 and OH WTF IS THIS?

Now I can’t even continue playing Bayonetta for fuck sake! Where else am I going to get my fix of witches with fucking guns on their feet?

Fuck! Ah well I guess I still got my PS3 to pla-

Yeah I’m on a diet!

OK I still got my Wii!


Ah for fuck sake!


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