So here in UK land, there was a TV show about children with issues regarding ummm being a young child. It focused on two children with issues, also a small piece regarding “The dangers of Violent Video Games”.

So in a segment about games they showed a bunch of kids divided into two groups, one playing what looked like Fifa and the other playing Call of Duty: World At War. They then used a simple test to determine if violent games had, had a negative effect on the little blighters.

So what sort of genius test did they devise? Simple, an America man in an office with a desk, on this desk would be some paper and a few games, and a cup of pencils. The man would interview random kids and purposely knock over the cup of pencils on the floor. If they child picked them up, they were a goodie goodie, if they didn’t, they were fucking shits!

So what happened? Pretty much all the kids interviewed who played Fifa instantly went to pick up the pencils. All the kids shown that were interviewed who had played World at War, ignored the cup being dropped to the floor. One kid even looked at it, smiled, shrugged his shoulders and carried on with the interview.

So what does this all mean? Playing Modern Warfare: World at War, will make you ignorant to clumsy adults who leave a cup full of fucking pencils at the edge of a fucking desk! I mean on a practical level that many pencils is not needed for a man who seems to do very little. Also what grown man leaves them dangerously close to the edge of the table?

If anything what this teaches me is that, the kids that played WaW were smart enough to leave the pencils on the floor, it’s not their fault the idiot man decided to be a clumsy oaf. Besides they were probably pissed off cos they couldn’t play Modern Warfare 2 instead.

The age old argument regarding weather computers games turn kids into mindless fuckwits will never end. The media and idiot parents will continue to blame games for their own flaws and gamers will argue that only poorly parented children will have issues. I don’t have such issues.

That’s all for now!

Ah for fuck sake! Still no fucking release date for No More Heroes 2: Desperate Stuggle! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This sort of shit gets annoying quick, for cunts sake!


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