Megaman 10 prediction – when a sequel is never enough


About a year ago, I jumped for joy when I found out that Megaman 9 was going to be released. It didn’t matter what console it was going to be released on, I just wanted to play it. There was also some hype about the return for Megaman’s retro graphics. This hype got me worried but I can always see past the hype in any game…. Its one of my special abilities.

As soon as it became available to download, playing it was the only thing I was ever going to do on that day. After playing for a few minutes, my hate levels began to rise and never went down. This game was more hardcore then any other megaman game or any other game I came across. It was hard for all the wrong reasons. If you like getting your balls crashed by a hammer, you’ll love this game. If you’re like me and you want to save your genitals, look else where. I did however complete the game…. barely, balls just about in tact.

The problem Megaman 9 has is not its graphics but its gameplay. It hasn’t changed a bit. And this makes me to believe Capcom released Megaman 9 as a cash cow. Just like what they are about to do with Megaman 10.


But I wish capcom could at least evolve the game. The best comparison is with the Super Mario series. Take a look the Mario series and you can tell changes for each game you play. With the Megaman series, nothing drastic has changed. Only very minor changes like in Megaman 3, Megaman has the abilities to slide and numerous upgrades to the Rush weapon.  I have also been told that some people that play Megaman games long enough will build up symptoms such as mild “hysteria” or delusion thoughts. Making you think the game is great but in reality, its not. I am not sure if I do the symptoms but the symptoms are vague and don’t necessarily mean you will get them by playing the game.

Heres what I think should help improve on Megaman 10 when it gets released:

  • Change the gameplay – You might as well call it Megaman 5 other wise.
  • Capcom…. STOP MILKING – I cant bare to see another Megaman game be released only to find out, it hasn’t change a bit from the past title.
  • Please – can I have some of my sanity back from Megaman 9’s wilys castle

My after thoughts from playing Megaman 9, I wished Capcom stop with the milking madness. It feels like there making a numbers game out of the series. Its hard to describe the series as a fan of the series. I love it but I hate it at the same time. The game just throws you at some of the cheapest way to die. Maybe Capcom should re name the next game to, Megaman 10: Insert your soul here.


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