The tale of the cautious suspicious n00b


The irony of me writing for this blog is not lost on me in the slightest. I can imagine my friends sitting around devising this grand scheme and the conversation looking a little something like this:

Thatbrowngamer: So we’re decided on the gaming blog, do we ask Jason?

Inversepanda: Lol he knows nothing about games.

Thatbrowngamer: But he’ll only bitch and moan about being left out.

Inversepanda: Yeah true, plus his n00bity might be slightly amusing.

So here I am. One part (the least knowledgeable) of this joint blogging venture.

The irony of course is that for the past 7 months I have been even more out of the loop with regards games than usual. Having accepted an internship for a year in South America my access to gaming is somewhat limited. While other people are compiling lists of their most anticipated games to come I am looking forward to just seeing an Xbox and being able to touch my lovely PC inappropriately and whisper sweet nothings into her sockets. When I return to my sweaty gaming dungeon in June I will face the terrifying prospect of catching up with a year of gaming. If my family and friends thought they didn’t see me much while I was on the other side of the world it won’t compare to the first few weeks of me being back.

I am of course looking forward to the usual:

Jayquilla: Fucking hell this game is awesome.

Inversepanda: That’s so old, you’re such a n00b, stand away from me plskthx.

Thatbrowngamer: lololol he knows even less than before.

But alas ill cross that gaming bridge (and the trolls that are lurking underneath) when I come to it.


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