Fishing Hero. Make it happen.


In Deadly Premonition, you play a homicide detective. After killing hordes of creepy zombies and muttering “nice!” or “yes!”, what can you do to unwind? Go fishing of course!

Hype alert.

SNK have announced The King of Fighters EX EYE EYE EYE. That’s thirteen.

I recently bought KOF EX EYE EYE (twelve) despite it’s poor reviews because I was bored at work. So, no story. No boss. Ultra laggy online play…why am I still excited for KOF 13? The sad fact is that I’m one of those SNK loyalists. Ugh. Some work just landed on my desk. Literally.



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2 Responses to “Fishing Hero. Make it happen.”

  1. thatbrowngamer Says:

    Ah you’re turning into a Sonic Fan man!

  2. vipermk2 Says:

    at least he’s not a megaman fan. we have it bad 😦

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