New Megaman 11 character confirmed and more info!


I have recently emailed Keiji inafune about the direction of the current Megaman series. I told him about all the Megaman games are the same!

He read my article back here:

Inafune later responded. He got back to me saying:

“I like your forward thinking. In fact, I will change the series for fans like so you wont feel ashamed on buying another Megaman game.

I will add a new character in the next Megaman 11 game. Will it be Protoman or Bass? I think not. Those characters are so over used these days. I was quite inspired by Bill Cosby. His forward thinking is what needed in times like these. Cosby was such as an excellent choice I have not only made him my right hand man, I will also put him as a first selectable character and making Megaman, a side character.

Cosby quotes are so iconic it makes Megaman sound quiet. Who cant remember such rememberable quotes such as: Zippy a dee bo?”

I also manage to ask him a second question, which was: What is your current favourite game. He replied to the email:

“One of my favourite inspirational games is currently shadow the hedgehog. The games mechanics is soo vast from any Megaman game that I played. The camera angles are perfect that it never strays from being annoying like that plumber guy on the Nintendo 64. The music is rocking. I even brought the OST. My car CD changer is always on Shadow the Hedgehog. My favourite song from the CD is: All hail Shadow. And the gameplay is just literally, out of this world. I cant find a single flaw in that game. That’s how perfect it is.

I think if all people played Shadow the Hedgehog, the world will be a better place.”

He then added later:

“Your such a hardcore gamer to buy from Capcom Europe and found later that they got rid of the Voices of Megaman ZX Advent, and not releasing the Megaman X collection and to not only add insult to injury, Capcom europe’s FAQ clearly stated that they will not release the Megaman collection. I will happily enclose a “very early” release photo of the up and coming Megaman 11 that no one has ever seen before. Sorry if the image looks a bit rough but its early days. I give you a hint to who that image is…………. Its not protoman.”

Thanks for your time Keiji and we will all look forward to Megaman 11 and we will all go support for a sequel for Shadow the Hedgehog.


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