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What the fuck did you play as a kid!?…….

February 9, 2010

I thought i’d be a little different with my first post, so here it goes….

‘What the fuck did you play as a kid!?’

Thats the question i want you to ask yourself….and i can assure you that the words ‘Games’ and ‘Video’ will be within the answer somewhere. Having said that, i’ve noticed that despite what the media says about kids playing too much games, i’ve seem to have come across the complete opposite the other day. I was at a park filming for a university project and i couldn’t help but notice how many bloody kids there were playing on their little annoying bicycles with loud ass training wheels and kicking their footballs about (its annoying as fuck when your the sound operator).

With my rage all boiled up i got thinking and started wondering aloud, ‘Don’t these kids play video games?’. i know its a useless debate but the sheer amount of kids really got to me. I remember when i was young i was hooked playing my ‘Pegasus’….yes thats right. a NES knock-off, you know one of those fake consoles which had yellow game cartridges? man i loved playing super mario and street fighter 4

i could ramble on for ages about games that i loved playing and what not when i was a kid but any-who….what did you play when you were a kid?