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Bayonetta – Remix’s that dont mix

April 28, 2010

Bayonetta is one of those games that are good but cant really explain why its good. Anyone that has played Dynasty Warriors: Gundam will know what I mean.

I am not bad mouthing the game or what I am about to write, and from what I heard from thebrowngamer, its a top game. In the later stage of Bayonetta theres a very cool bike part mode where you ride the bike literally everywhere that doesnt have concrete walls.
However, theres a song being played in the background that I found to be blasphemy. It was a remix of the After Burner 2.  Its an ok remix I suppose. I have listen to about 15 different mixes including awesome fan mixes of afterburner and this is some where not at the top. Except it didnt make any sense to put that remix in the first place. If I hear the After Burner music I am expected to see something related to After Burner:

  • F-14 Tomcat:  I didnt see any F-14 planes doing any fly bys in the air or any planes for that matter in the sky
  • FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!:  Nope, not even some mad fly attendant telling me theres lock-on to the enemy

They took a total disregard to the After Burner music and just slapped it stupid over the face. Its like playing Sonic the Hedgehog and having the Mario bros theme in the background. However, in this provision if the stage had some elements of Mario like the question mark blocks or green pipes something to associate with Mario, then it ticks all the right boxes.
The only logical reason why PlatinumGames did this from my wild guess is to help promote After Burner Climax which in its own right is a short but cool game. Its an arcade game so dont expect it to be long but very entertaining.

If PlatinumGames wanted to say thanks to Sega and made some common sense, why didnt they just remix the music from Super Hang-on?  Its got a bike for one thing…