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My (pointless) God of War 3 Experiment.

March 20, 2010

So my PS3 is an old 40GB model and I’ve noticed that when playing certain games, the fan will go mental and make crap loads of noise. This doesn’t happen to begin with but after a while of gameplay. So I thought I’d film my PS3 whilst I played God of War 3 for the first time to see how long it would take before my PS3 went into hyper mode.

It actually took some time, I filmed about 10 minutes of myself setting the game up and watching the intro whilst commentating on stuff as well, in the second vid there’s actually gameplay….and more commentary.


Love Unicorns? Love Robots?

March 3, 2010



March 1, 2010

Destructoid’s Jim Sterling recently wrote a piece on why Deadly Premonition is better than Heavy Rain. This snippet sums up it up nicely, and for once I can’t argue.

“Twenty dollars for a twenty hour game full of hilarity, versus sixty dollars for a six hour game full of Quantic Dream creaming its jeans over how clever it is. You do the math! Actually, no, I’ll do the math for you because you’re probably a PS3 fanboy and hence a fucking idiot. The math is that Deadly Premonition is better and that you’re a cunt. That is the math.”

I salute you sir.

A free game that I would certainly pay for, possibly.

February 20, 2010


tip : click the link

No its not that sort of cream, you filthy pervert.

I know you have the attention span of a magpie in a jewellery shop sporting disco lights, but do sit through the tedious commercial & the short tutorials.

Credit to Destructoid for showcasing this gem…I agree with them that explaining this game would spoil a fair amount of the novelty… so go play it.


February 7, 2010

It’s nearly the new year and I’m looking forward to wasting some money on new games! Yeah smartass, I know its February – I’m talking about Chinese New Year.  (Easily in top 10 best excuses for not posting this in January!)

Lets cut to the chase!


  • Lost Planet 2. Giant robots. Snow pirates. Snow pirates in the sand. Giant bugs that half make sense (Fuck you new Star Trek). Oh and snow pirates in space. With giant robots.
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2. Like Modern Warfare 2, but MORE! Just one segment of a standard BF map could hold a MW2 stage. Heck, I also managed to get a cheap preorder deal from Amazon You-kay, so hurrah.
  • Halo Reach. Yeah. I’m hyped.


Only these three games possess sufficient levels of hype-power to make me buy them upon release. Stay tuned for another pointless list in the very near future. You know you love them. Heck, I might even revise this one.