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Time to oil up!

March 10, 2010

Capcom have finally unveiled their final character to join Super Street Fighter IV!

His name is Hakan. He looks rather amusing…like the love child of Blanka, Urien and Zangief.


I’d totally play Bayonetta if……..

March 9, 2010

it looked like this! Junkboy did a nice mock up of Bayonetta if it was an arcade shmup. That’s shoot-em-up for the uneducated. Pew pew pew!


March 1, 2010

Destructoid’s Jim Sterling recently wrote a piece on why Deadly Premonition is better than Heavy Rain. This snippet sums up it up nicely, and for once I can’t argue.

“Twenty dollars for a twenty hour game full of hilarity, versus sixty dollars for a six hour game full of Quantic Dream creaming its jeans over how clever it is. You do the math! Actually, no, I’ll do the math for you because you’re probably a PS3 fanboy and hence a fucking idiot. The math is that Deadly Premonition is better and that you’re a cunt. That is the math.”

I salute you sir.

Fishing Hero. Make it happen.

February 25, 2010

In Deadly Premonition, you play a homicide detective. After killing hordes of creepy zombies and muttering “nice!” or “yes!”, what can you do to unwind? Go fishing of course!

Hype alert.

SNK have announced The King of Fighters EX EYE EYE EYE. That’s thirteen.

I recently bought KOF EX EYE EYE (twelve) despite it’s poor reviews because I was bored at work. So, no story. No boss. Ultra laggy online play…why am I still excited for KOF 13? The sad fact is that I’m one of those SNK loyalists. Ugh. Some work just landed on my desk. Literally.