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Games that are awesome – But people still buy FIFA games over these games in the charts

April 5, 2010

Sadly, the below list will never gain its well deserved credit to its makers. The games simply dont as well as other countrys would have taken it. Perhaps a game cap on football games all together in the UK???

Any self gamer would at least try to rent these out before buying or look them up in the pre used games section.

In no order what so ever:

Astro Boy Omega Factor on GBA

Great visuals for the little handheld. The fan service is nice. I like the cameo characters appearances from astros universe. And the retro intro was a nod to the old school cartoon.

Gameplay is awesome. Yes,  it was hard later on but was worth the traumatic errors. This was soo much better then the PS2 release which came out near the same month. And for its seal of approval, it was developed by Treasure. I brought my copy from asda for £10 some years ago and even till this day, it was the best deal I ever got.

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia on DS

Before the badness that was Castlevania 2: simons quest. I never touched another castlevania since all those years. It wasn’t to say that I avoid them all together. That was until I saw castlevania OOE. This game was just oozing to be played.

I am not a fan of the castlevania series but I certainly enjoyed this game and that’s saying a lot from some with no background or fanism of the series. If that is a word. The music is noteworthy. I will guarantee, you will bound to have a favourite soundtrack in there. If you don’t have a fav, clear the wax in your ear. In fact, check both ears out.

The game does get a bit tricky later on but stick it out you softy!

Megaman Battle Network Transmission on Gamecube

This game was so good, no one ever got it or understood it.

It had elements from the classic Megaman series like the classic 2d platform, the stupid jump he does whilst having one leg up. Not to mention, some remix music from the past Megaman games. It has some bad moments like any other Megaman game. It was really really easy but never the less, it was enjoyable.

Sonic Rush on DS

great follow up to where the GBA series left off. Remains the solid platform game that you all know. It does add some new moves but it doesn’t retract anything from the game. Top this up with pumping music and you got yourself an ace game.

Unfortunately the sequel, Sonic Rush adventure was badly cocked up. Replaying levels to gain stupid jewels? Crap map navigation? If you look up who co developed the game, the evidence soon starts to stack up. It was none other then Sonic team.

Just shows you how bad Sonic team are compared to a another company who didn’t have Sonic as there main game.

I am sure there was a bigger pile of games then this lot? Oh well. Until next time.


New Megaman 11 character confirmed and more info!

April 1, 2010

I have recently emailed Keiji inafune about the direction of the current Megaman series. I told him about all the Megaman games are the same!

He read my article back here:

Inafune later responded. He got back to me saying:

“I like your forward thinking. In fact, I will change the series for fans like so you wont feel ashamed on buying another Megaman game.

I will add a new character in the next Megaman 11 game. Will it be Protoman or Bass? I think not. Those characters are so over used these days. I was quite inspired by Bill Cosby. His forward thinking is what needed in times like these. Cosby was such as an excellent choice I have not only made him my right hand man, I will also put him as a first selectable character and making Megaman, a side character.

Cosby quotes are so iconic it makes Megaman sound quiet. Who cant remember such rememberable quotes such as: Zippy a dee bo?”

I also manage to ask him a second question, which was: What is your current favourite game. He replied to the email:

“One of my favourite inspirational games is currently shadow the hedgehog. The games mechanics is soo vast from any Megaman game that I played. The camera angles are perfect that it never strays from being annoying like that plumber guy on the Nintendo 64. The music is rocking. I even brought the OST. My car CD changer is always on Shadow the Hedgehog. My favourite song from the CD is: All hail Shadow. And the gameplay is just literally, out of this world. I cant find a single flaw in that game. That’s how perfect it is.

I think if all people played Shadow the Hedgehog, the world will be a better place.”

He then added later:

“Your such a hardcore gamer to buy from Capcom Europe and found later that they got rid of the Voices of Megaman ZX Advent, and not releasing the Megaman X collection and to not only add insult to injury, Capcom europe’s FAQ clearly stated that they will not release the Megaman collection. I will happily enclose a “very early” release photo of the up and coming Megaman 11 that no one has ever seen before. Sorry if the image looks a bit rough but its early days. I give you a hint to who that image is…………. Its not protoman.”

Thanks for your time Keiji and we will all look forward to Megaman 11 and we will all go support for a sequel for Shadow the Hedgehog.

Time to oil up!

March 10, 2010

Capcom have finally unveiled their final character to join Super Street Fighter IV!

His name is Hakan. He looks rather amusing…like the love child of Blanka, Urien and Zangief.

How do you like them apples?

February 23, 2010

Capcom: Hey Nintendo? Yeah it’s Capcom, listen we don’t really have any plans to port over Street Fighter: IV to the Wii or DS, sorry.

Nintendo: Oh, ok never mind, are we gonna see Resident Evil 5- Hello? Hellllo? Hmm must be a bad line.

Capcom: Hey Apple, how’s it going?

Apple: Hey, yeah it’s all good, did you know that our phone is so awesome that you ca-

Capcom: Cool, listen, we wanna put Street Fighter:IV on the iPhone is that OK?

Apple: Huh? Yeah cool.

Capcom: Sweet, OK bye.

Win x Win

February 14, 2010

As a gamer that owns all 3 home consoles, each console has its own traits that I love about them. The 360 has a strong online service, the PS3 has….ummmm errrrr Uncharted 2, and the Wii has niche games.

Two Wii games that I enjoyed immensely, both different but at the same time so very very similar, could make a rather amazing cross over. No More Heroes and Madworld.

Here’s a list of reasons as to why these two would be perfect together, because everyone loves lists!

1. Both super violent, apart from the Japanese and PAL versions of No More Heroes that got the lovely black ash affects instead of the lovely red stuff that the people in Americaland got.

2. Both contain language more colourful than a clown vomiting out a rainbow (annnnd now that image is burnt into your head, if not…)

3. Both games are made from Frankenstein type Developers. Both consists of staff from former studios that have since been shut down, manly thanks to Capcom, the silly tits!

4. The art styles in both games are very unique more so in Madword then in No More Heroes.

5. Neither were really what I’d call a system seller, they were enjoyed by a huge amount, just not on a level of say Super Mario Galaxy.

6. Both main characters have super fucking awesome primary weapons. Travis Touchdown with his law suit avoiding Beam Katana and Jack Cayman with a fucking retractable Chainsaw on his arm.

To be honest I don’t know how a cross over would work, what with Madworld’s colour pallet being as basic as Avatar’s plot. A full blown game feature the two may not work, however a cameo is each other’s games may.

Picture it! No More Heroes 3. Travis has to visit Varrigan City to take on the Number 1 Ranked Assassin, the one and only Jack Cayman. The entire stage can be black and white, Travis himself could also be black and white maybe changing into full colour each time he finishes off a foe, just to add to the awesome style of it all, and of course we’d have to have the fucking awesome commentators from Madworld running commentary on the fight, cause Travis to question, what the fuck is going on, some awesome rap from the Madworld soundtrack would be sweet as well.

Madworld 2! Jack has to take on the games again, however to reach the end of the saga, he must take on Travis Touchdown himself, hired by The Organizers to take down Jack, as the number 1 ranked Assassin in the UAA! The final battle in full colour, including Jack himself, but with each slice from his chainsaw arm, a tear forms across the screen revealing the black and white style from Madworld.

If anyone from Platinum Games and/or Grasshopper Manufacture, is reading this via the mass amount of tags I’m going to leave. You must know that a lot of people would love for something for this to happen!

Gah I’ve gone and hyped myself up over something that will never happen! Damn companies and their fucking licensing fees and shit!

Megaman 10 prediction – when a sequel is never enough

February 14, 2010

About a year ago, I jumped for joy when I found out that Megaman 9 was going to be released. It didn’t matter what console it was going to be released on, I just wanted to play it. There was also some hype about the return for Megaman’s retro graphics. This hype got me worried but I can always see past the hype in any game…. Its one of my special abilities.

As soon as it became available to download, playing it was the only thing I was ever going to do on that day. After playing for a few minutes, my hate levels began to rise and never went down. This game was more hardcore then any other megaman game or any other game I came across. It was hard for all the wrong reasons. If you like getting your balls crashed by a hammer, you’ll love this game. If you’re like me and you want to save your genitals, look else where. I did however complete the game…. barely, balls just about in tact.

The problem Megaman 9 has is not its graphics but its gameplay. It hasn’t changed a bit. And this makes me to believe Capcom released Megaman 9 as a cash cow. Just like what they are about to do with Megaman 10.


But I wish capcom could at least evolve the game. The best comparison is with the Super Mario series. Take a look the Mario series and you can tell changes for each game you play. With the Megaman series, nothing drastic has changed. Only very minor changes like in Megaman 3, Megaman has the abilities to slide and numerous upgrades to the Rush weapon.  I have also been told that some people that play Megaman games long enough will build up symptoms such as mild “hysteria” or delusion thoughts. Making you think the game is great but in reality, its not. I am not sure if I do the symptoms but the symptoms are vague and don’t necessarily mean you will get them by playing the game.

Heres what I think should help improve on Megaman 10 when it gets released:

  • Change the gameplay – You might as well call it Megaman 5 other wise.
  • Capcom…. STOP MILKING – I cant bare to see another Megaman game be released only to find out, it hasn’t change a bit from the past title.
  • Please – can I have some of my sanity back from Megaman 9’s wilys castle

My after thoughts from playing Megaman 9, I wished Capcom stop with the milking madness. It feels like there making a numbers game out of the series. Its hard to describe the series as a fan of the series. I love it but I hate it at the same time. The game just throws you at some of the cheapest way to die. Maybe Capcom should re name the next game to, Megaman 10: Insert your soul here.

Gaming Awesome Yeah!

February 6, 2010

For all 3 of you out there who know my other blog, this is a kind of spin off blog about my favourite past time, games.

The reason why I don’t just talk about my games on my main blog is because not all my 3 readers out there are gamers. So this is a better way to whore myself worse then Capcom do with their franchises.

However things are going to be slightly different as I won’t be the only one posting on this blog, I’m going to be whoring out this blog to a few friends of mine….kinda like Capcom does. Although hopefully the end result won’t be fail.

Here’s to becoming super popular and standing out amongst the million other blogs out there….