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Ah this guy is awesome.

March 23, 2010

Rising Star Games the people that publish a crap load of Japanese games for Europe, recently sat down with legend Suda 51 with questions posed by viewers of their site.

Gotta love Rising Star Games confirming the delay of the game’s launch at the end of video by stating “Coming This May” rather then confirming it when everyone else pretty much knew. Also gotta love the sample of Travis Touchdown they used, dunno if it’s some sort of coincidence or some humorous irony.


360 Circles of Hell!

February 7, 2010

So my lack of knowledge on the recently released Dante’s Inferno, and the fact that it was recently released, also meant that I had no idea a demo had been available for it for quite some time.
“Don’t waste your time, it’s shit” a mate of mine said.

If listening where a skill, I’d be seriously lacking in that particular area.

So I left my 360 in stand by mode whilst it downloaded, after a while it turned it self off like it was meant to. “Yay!” I thought. On goes the 360 and OH WTF IS THIS?

Now I can’t even continue playing Bayonetta for fuck sake! Where else am I going to get my fix of witches with fucking guns on their feet?

Fuck! Ah well I guess I still got my PS3 to pla-

Yeah I’m on a diet!

OK I still got my Wii!


Ah for fuck sake!